Sonny Landreth

By November 30, 2018
Sunday 6:50 pm

Sonny Landreth has yet to wow audiences at the Edmonton Blues Festival but 2019 is our chance to catch him at the party friendly and sonically superior Heritage Amphitheatre for the first time!

Sonny Landreth was born February 1, 1951, in Canton, Mississippi, and his family lived in Jackson, Mississippi, for a few years before settling in Lafayette, Louisiana. Landreth began playing guitar after a long tenure with the trumpet. His earliest inspiration came from Scotty Moore, but as time went on, he learned from the recordings of musicians and groups like Chet Atkins and The Ventures. As a teen, Landreth began playing with his friends in their parents’ houses.

They would ping-pong us from one house to another, and though we were all awful at first, as time went on we got pretty good. It’s an evolutionary process, just like songwriting is, Landreth explained in an interview on his 44th birthday in 1995. After his first professional gig with accordionist Clifton Chenier in the ’70s (where he was the only white guy in the Red Beans & Rice Revue for awhile), he struck out on his own.

Sonny Landreth has collaborated with the very top names in guitar over the years: Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson, Derek Trucks – the list goes on. The noted slideman cut his musical teeth in The Red Hot Louisiana Band of zydeco king Clifton Chenier, and Landreth has since recorded and toured with artists ranging from John Mayall to John Hiatt.

After a dozen acclaimed albums, virtuoso slide guitarist and bandleader Sonny Landreth found himself at an artistic crossroads. He wanted to finally create the full-length acoustic collection his fans had long requested. But he was also itching to capture the sound of his stalwart electric trio augmented by a couple of his favorite collaborators. And the time was certainly right for an elastic, career-spanning double-live album.

So Landreth and his longtime friends decided to do it all. ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette’ is a 16-song opus that covers more musical ground than any single album ever could, as the singer and songwriter͛s work stretches and twists across 93 minutes of full-band acoustic and electric bottleneck lightning.

Released last year to critical acclaim, “Live in Lafayette” perfectly encapsulates what Edmonton Blues Festival audiences will see for the first time… a master guitarist, at the top of his form, drawing on myriad influences and putting them in a tasty gumbo of musical excellence.

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